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Office building

Shenzhen mayor jin MAO tower

Chang fu jin MAO tower, that is, the original of the world's financial trade center building, located in the futian bonded area city flower road, east road west, blue flowers red, jinhua professional, is a multi-functional and intelligent writing super-ta

Shenzhen catic building

Catic company in shenzhen, is a branch of China national aero-technology import and export corporation. It depends on the abundant technical strength and talent advantages of China's aviation industry, to a high-tech industrial manufacturing, develop the

Shenzhen CGNPC building

CGNPC building construction land is located in shenzhen futian shennan avenue and colour entrance interchange northwest, from east to west is shennan avenue into the CBD (central business district) of shenzhen central area of the portal. Information cente

Guangzhou east station zhongtai square

Zhongtai international plaza, which borders the city two levels of government, project transportation is convenient, nearly ten bus routes in close proximity, square, west according to Yang road, south, north renmin road adjacent to the li yuan road. The

Shenzhen imperial court square

Imperial court square - the heart of the diamond of shenzhen CBD, for high-end international brand's flagship store and in the end. The project covers an area of about 42300 square meters, construction area of about 104000 square meters, is a real world c