The factory business

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The factory business

The dragons' den shipyard

Guangzhou China dragon cave shipbuilding co., LTD. Is China's shipbuilding industry co., LTD belongs to the modernization of large ship assembly enterprises, is one of the three major shipbuilding bases in China dragon cave shipbuilding base at the core o

Jiangmen heshan acto group

Jiangmen heshan acto group was founded in 1991, is a Hong Kong Leo group subordinate individual proprietorship of the large modern printing enterprise, after ten years of steady operation, has developed into one of Asia's largest printing enterprise.

Gac hino automotive group

Day of gac hino automotive co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the gac hino) is by guangzhou automobile group co., LTD. With hino motors co., 50% invested by jointly set up a joint venture, was founded in November 28, 2007, the registered capital of 1.5

Foshan brillant overflow of textile

Esquel was founded in 1978, is a vertically integrated production of cotton textiles for group business. Business covers plant cotton, spinning and weaving, clothing, packaging and retail, and other accessories, the shirt is a one-stop service enterprises

Sensitive solid group

Sensitive solid group: MINTH group is a professional design, production, sales, foreign listed auto parts group co., LTD (on December 1, 2005, in Hong Kong main board listed).