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South China university of technology

South China university of technology is located in guangzhou city, guangdong province, was founded in 1952, is a long history and enjoys a high reputation, a well-known Chinese universities. South China university of technology, covers an area of more tha

Guangdong lingnan institute of technology

Institute was founded in May 2001, is an approved by the people's government of guangdong province, the ministry of education for the record, has the right of college degree certificate issued by a full-time private institutions of higher learning.

Guangzhou civil aviation professional technology institute

1999 3 menstrual approved the establishment of ministry of education, is the civil aviation administration of China's first implementation of the national model of higher vocational education, a full-time ordinary institutions of higher learning. Seven mi

The small north road primary school in guangzhou

Small north road primary school is located in the centre of guangzhou small north road, was founded in 1907, the school covers an area of 6370 square meters. Construction area of 9521 square meters, the standard classroom between 46, function between 46,

Guangzhou panyu groundmass middle school

Groundmass middle school is the guangzhou panyu district tung chung town of guangdong province of a middle school, the school layout is reasonable, novel construction, decoration and chic, teaching, sports partition, is a greening, beautification, purific