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Living community

Country garden

Country garden group, is located in China guangdong shunde, is a major business is real estate, construction, decoration, property management, hotel development and management, education and other industries of domestic famous comprehensive enterprise gro

The north sea and garden

Taihe garden project is located in the north sea road west, the north sea road in chengdu road northeast corner, the first phase covers an area of 46300 square meters, construction area of 170000 square meters, consists of 10 high-rise residential and und

Hopson emperor king villa villa

Emperor king villa is located in the tianhe district near the Olympic sports center, only 15 minutes drive away from the days hebei, with the world top 500 gathered science city. Ten thousand mu of ecological protection forest surrounded by hill city, is

Jilin city in maple villa

By zendai property investment in Hong Kong, Canada, CPC meticulously design and research institute of jiang first large first-line jiang villa community, designed for jilin tailor the elite from all walks of life, the choice of successful people!

Country garden

Anyang initially planned 200 mu, country garden is another masterpiece, country garden layout, zhoukou, the central plains is anyang city and tangyin key investment projects, in anyang city of the future development direction - Ann soup new town core area