The government authority

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The government authority

The people's government of guangdong province

The people's government of guangdong province was founded in 1949, on November 6, located at no. 305 in yuexiu district of guangzhou city, guangdong province, dongfeng middle road. 1988 years later, the people's government of guangdong province and 18 cit

Guangzhou huadu local taxation bureau

The huadu district in guangzhou local taxation bureau in March 1999 formally independent, consists of seven 1 registration bureau, tax bureau deparment, and 1 bureau authority will house offices, tax and fees management, tax administration section and pla

Guangzhou huangpu local taxation bureau

The local taxation bureau in guangzhou huangpu tax administration bureau said before is in huangpu district of guangzhou local taxation bureau, was founded in April 1999, in July 1999 changed its name to huangpu district guangzhou local taxation bureau, i

The social welfare service center in guangzhou

Guangzhou social welfare service center is a follow instructions of guangzhou city civil affairs bureau, and entrusted by the bear part of the work of the government function, with legal person qualification of public welfare, citywide, industry of social

Guangzhou haizhu local taxation bureau

Guangzhou zhuhai local taxation bureau is the guangzhou local taxation bureau directly under the leadership of the administrative unit, is mainly responsible for zhuhai administrative areas within the scope of ratepayer payable (including the withholding