A medical institution

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A medical institution

German city people's hospital

German predecessor is Christian yan chai hospital, city people's hospital in November 1949 to British and county people's government institutes of health. In April 1956 was British and county people's hospital. In March 1994, British and withdraw county c

Zhaoqing city first people's hospital

Zhaoqing city first people's hospital was founded in 1944, formerly known as the second hospital, provincial change after the founding of zhaoqing city hospital, in 1988, after ZhaoQingDe change city, now renamed the zhaoqing city first people's hospital.

Sun yat-sen university first affiliated hospital

First affiliated hospital of sun yat-sen university (zhongshan hospital) is a national key university, affiliated hospital of sun yat-sen university in the largest and strongest comprehensive strength in the hospital, now the national level of first-class

Guangzhou panyu He Xian memorial hospital

Formerly known as panyu county maternity and child care He Xian memorial hospital, was founded in 1965. In 1983 by the late Mr Macao celebrities He Xian donated to build, 1986 township government in honour of Mr He Xian patriotic love of benevolence, will

The first people's hospital in guangzhou

The first people's hospital of guangzhou city is a large comprehensive hospital, guangzhou city health bureau subordinate is guangzhou medical treatment, teaching, scientific research and the important base of cadres care. Founded in 1899 (guangxu dynasty