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The auditorium of the PLA garrison in macau

To celebrate the grand and warm. The Chinese people's liberation army general political Wu Changde read a deputy director of the PLA headquarters of four to the message of the PLA garrison in macau. Said in his message, in macau in the past 15 years, adhe

Traffic safety vehicle

On July 3, 2015 are provided by our company amplification system of guangdong provincial public security traffic management bureau "intelligent traffic vehicle" formally deliver the provincial municipal and county traffic police brigade! Traffic police br

Shanghai pudong development bank

Shanghai pudong development bank co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as: Shanghai pudong development bank) is on August 28, 1992, approved by the people's bank of China, opened on January 9, 1993, 1999 listed on the Shanghai stock exchange (stock trading c

A special police car

Equipped with Ken "saber-toothed tiger" zhuo (CTRLPA) amplification system, the car's radio all-in-one audio power amplifier partition, and other functions into an organic whole, internal work. Loaded car horn sound quality is clear, loud, external force

Bank of communications

Bank of communications branch was established in 1987 in guangdong province, guangdong branch is the bank in southern China's largest provincial branch, under the jurisdiction of bank of communications, with the exception of shenzhen in guangdong province