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Guangzhou baiyun mountain scenic area

Baiyun mountain scenic area, is the new first of "yangcheng eight sights", national 5 a grade scenic spot and national key scenic spot. It is located in the northeast of guangzhou city, as one of south guangdong famous mountains, has since ancient times "

Meizhou guest world

Customers all over the world tourism industrial park is China's first industrial park, the municipal party committee municipal government approved the establishment of meizhou. Park by the original ecological natural hills and dongsheng industrial park, B

Guangzhou xiangjiang wild animals in the world

Known as "Asia's largest zoo" guangzhou panyu xiangjiang safari park is standing in the south region of a lion. It is located in guangzhou panyu district hong city, officially opened in 1999, the park with more than 460 kinds of more than twenty thousand

Foshan shunde long deer farms

Shunde long deer farms that long deer travel leisure expo garden is a national 5 a-class tourist scenic area, is a collection of lingnan culture and history, shunde region amorous feelings, peasant life interest, in order to eat, live, play, enjoy, entert

Guangzhou long lung crocodile park

Guangzhou crocodile park opened in 2004, covers an area of thousands of acres, is a crocodile, popular science education, ecological farm, all kinds of animals performing comprehensive theme park, is the world's largest crocodile farm, with nearly 100000,

Guangzhou haizhu wetland park

Nansha wetland park is located in the southernmost in guangzhou city, is located in the town of nansha district, near the mouth of the pearl river west bank spacious green sand between 18 chung and 19 chung, a total area of about 10000 mu, is the largest

Zhuhai agricultural wonders

Agricultural wonders in zhuhai river "meixi river" ssangyong hill, covers an area of 2000 mu, is directly under the zhuhai agricultural research demonstration base, is China's earliest agricultural sightseeing garden, open and a beautiful environment, dis