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Professional speaker CA/V-10 CA/V-12

● Full frequently box adopts new novel

   appearance design concept,  unique end arc handle,

   subvers the traditional drab handle hold the mode, 

   the system is stuck outside checkered nylon act

   the role ofing cloth, can not only dust and can

   achieve the whole case modification.
● Cooperate with metal liner, more dash forward show

   the beauty of  fashion, simple sense, unique

   multipoint lifting design, can adpat to different

   installation Angle and the installation environment.
● The external used in today's highly nowadays

   environmental acrylic paint, response landmark

   consumer demand, the whole line series high

   frequency drive unit foa all import in Spanish

   worship and unit, large dynamic state, can perfect

   reflect rael reduction degree , make the tone is

   distinct , more dynamic color.
● Low frequency drive unit which uses imported

   components with computer design programs to meet

   this series features optimized together, so that

   the low-frequency surging momentum play, very

   flexible and dive response characteristics.
● The product can be used in high-grade private

   club, each type of KTV rooms,all kinds of large,

   medium-sized auditorium, wedding party, the 

   rtiquette celebration activities, large, medium,

   small shaking it slowly, disco, performing arts

   hall, and various types of band tour, outdoor

   performance, etc

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