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Airport, subway, station

Guangzhou train station safe city system

Safe city is a very large, very strong comprehensive management system, not only need to meet the public security management, urban management, traffic management, emergency command, such as demand, but also take into account the disaster early warning, s

Guangzhou south station

Guangzhou south railway station is located in guangzhou city, guangdong province, panyu district, Wall Street is a quick connection MAO iron, beijing-guangzhou high-speed, wide expensive high-speed rail, connect Hong Kong jingguang railway and guangzhou-z

The Beijing subway

The Beijing subway is a service of Beijing urban rail transit system in China. Its planning began in 1953, engineering was established in 1965, the first line was completed in 1969, it began operations in 1971. The first subway system is the greater China

In shenzhen, man kam to port

Man kam to port, located in shenzhen luohu district, New Territories, Hong Kong, north, south by two highway Bridges are connected to the New Territories, Hong Kong, in transit towards the fresh products for the characteristics of the highway passenger an

Wuzhou airport

Wuzhou cheung chau islanders with airport (ICAO: ZGWZ; IATA: WUZ) was completed shipping in July 1995, is located in wuzhou mayor chau island, the apron area of 7500 square meters, the runway length 1800 meters, 45 meters wide, can satisfy the Boeing 737