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The governor-general of Canada - CTRLPA amplification experts visiting guangzhou

2015-10-24 13:59:00

   Autumn ersha island, the cool autumn wind, colorful. The evening of October 23, at the invitation of President xi jinping visit Canada governor David Johnston, attended the buck in guangdong overseas Chinese museum, exhibition and friends of the "Canada reception dinner, accompanied by guangdong governor zhu xiaodan attended, and visit the exhibition. (CTRLPA amplification system during the bartender escort, related amplification equipment successfully for the ceremony played the national anthems of the two countries and welcome Canon! For ceremony presided over and add to the governor's remarks and other series of amplification were done to get incisively and vividly!) In front of the exhibition and reception dinner, an executive lounge in the southern province of guangdong governor zhu xiaodan, met with the governor general. Ambassador to China to Canada, zhang junsai, secretary-general of guangdong provincial government Li Feng, Fu Lang, director of the provincial foreign affairs office, provincial Wu Rui into Yang rs, provincial tourism bureau, director of the overseas Chinese and other officials attended the meeting. Governor general and his wife Sharon Johnston, and governor zhu xiaodan visit together

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