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CTRLAP military audio power the 11th China international exposition of aeronauti

2016-10-28 19:00:34

China international aerospace expo is held only by the central government's approval of the People's Republic of China, is the world's five, one of

the most international influence show display in kind, trade talks, academic exchange and flight performance as the main characteristics of the

international professional exhibition of aeronautics and astronautics.

On October 25, the 11th China international aerospace expo security work practice and pledging conference was held at the zhuhai airshow pavilion,

the zhuhai municipal party committee and the public security system, a number of leading performance in view to guide. Public security command

vehicle, appearance of new vehicles such as a large number of high-tech police equipment, won the visit the leadership of the recognition and praise.

These loading CTRLPA strong sound system as the \"ten meters police command vehicle\" is the

biggest bright spot, its appearance is cool, the advanced features attracted the attention of leaders

and the media.

CTRLPA military field of audio for military, police, armed forces inside intelligent management, frontier defense, coastline, surveillance law

enforcement, prisons, and armed police, special police, traffic police three p internal intelligent management, vehicle propaganda broadcast,

strong voice to disperse and other equipment), emergency plan system (biochemical leak, emergency rescue, mountain torrent disaster,

typhoon, tsunami, air defense early warning, etc.) of the alarm, emergency broadcasting, the application of intelligent management, developed

a series of mature, stable, audio amplification system, especially in the field of Gao Qingjiang sound broadcast, strong voice to disperse a

deeper research.


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