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Shenzhen in guangdong nuclear building public broadcasting system debugging succ

2013-12-30 14:34:00

CGNPC mansion lies in the northwest of shenzhen futian shennan avenue and coloured entrance interchange,

 is the shennan avenue from east to west into the CBD (central business district) of shenzhen central area of the portal.

 Information center, adjacent to the west side of the customs, the phoenix tower, anlian tower, noble center,

 shenzhen citizen center, south shennan avenue for the Milky Way international, is shenzhen administrative,

 cultural, business and financial center in prime locations, a total of two layer 24 to 39 floors of the building,

 the building height about 177 meters, using our intelligence matrix system, December 30, 2013, debug,

 and docking with the fire control system successfully!


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