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Zhejiang Jin Huaxian hua tan palace famous resort

The fairy China famous international resort and spa TanXi group invested 1.2 billion yuan, covers an area of nearly 800 mu, by Singapore LND Consulting Ltd company design, city famous hotel group management, will be the largest in east China, recreation and leisure facilities environment is the most perfect top resort. Hot springs resort is a health, leisure, vacation, business meetings, characteristic catering, entertainment and sports, outdoor expand comprehensive and original ecological leisure tourism projects.

Celebrity international hot spring resort by the fairy fairy China China celebrity holiday hot spring park, xian hua tan palace of the four seasons hotel, wingceltis palace point of three core plate holiday houses. Resort relying on huashan cents for the natural landscape, combined with the natural hot spring scenic spot, artificial landscape, the advanced water treatment system and all kinds of recreation and leisure facilities, such as combination of five-star hotel management service, will bring new sense to bring tourists in Yangtze river delta holiday leisure feelings.

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