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Guangdong hotel

Guangdong hotel is located in the bustling downtown, the famous Beijing road commercial pedestrian street, walk up to hiazhu square, adjacent to the largest park in the subway, stood adjacent throughout much of central main dongfeng road and zhongshan road, the geographical position is superior.

Guangdong hotel is the only garden hotel, guangzhou center source back in southern dynasty Liang Wu years here, for the former palace. Opened in 1952, the Chinese and foreign politicians are many, in 1994 by the national tourism administration named a four-star hotel.

Hotel is mainly divided into Bai Yunlou and blue sea floor: Bai Yunlou room condensing modern classical design style, from the top luxury suites to elaborate your choice standard room, spacious and comfortable room to set a separate dressing room, everywhere originality appear; Blue sea floor to the presidential palace, Oriental traditional elegant clever into every guest rooms, coloured drawing or pattern engraved look, antique furniture, like gu yun nan yue leisurely flowing.


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