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Guangzhou jiulong lake princess hotel

Guangzhou jiulong lake princess hotel is located in huadu district, guangzhou flower of the mountain spirit water show east town, is located in the national AAAA level large landscape ecological resort jiulong lake community, is a national listed five-star hotel, has won "the" best leisure resorts in south China. The hotel from the new baiyun international airport about 15 minutes by car, about 35 minutes drive from guangzhou city center.

Princess hotel geographical position is superior, the environment elegant, the total area of 11 square meters, construction area of 66000 square meters, is composed of 15 European buildings, a total of 327 rooms, more than 10 kinds of luxurious guest rooms, including 114 sets of luxurious guest rooms in a small town in the beginning of 2007, the 16th Asian games is designated reception hotel; The hotel's castle complex operating in September 2010, for the guangzhou Asian games athletes village.

Hotel adopts the type and design of the castle town of Europe land amorous feelings of jiulong lake princess hotel, guest room, spa, dining, conference, entertainment, sports leisure into an organic whole, service first-class, is the tourist vacation, business casual, meeting the ideal place for banquets.

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