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Guangzhou military command of the pearl river hotel

Under the guangzhou military region, guangzhou pearl river hotel is quasi four-star hotel, is located in wuyang new town in yuexiu district of guangzhou city, adjacent to the bustling business district of the pearl river new city, the pearl river in the south, bounded by water on three sides, the transportation is convenient. Guangzhou pearl river hotel covers an area of about 13.5 square meters, the existing building a new (23 layer, 99.8 meters, building area of 4600 square meters) and east, west wing, and the garden district; Facilities have multi-function hall, conference room, recreation center, business center, large parking facilities.

Guangzhou pearl river hotel has 600 guest rooms with various kinds of high-grade luxury, room decoration elegant style, comfortable, bring you the feeling of home. Different styles of Chinese and western restaurant, sightseeing, make you linger. Hotel planning science, novel design, architectural beauty, elegant decoration, advanced equipment and facilities. In the flowers and trees, landscape water, green willows red flowers, flowers, four spring-like, a school of jiangnan garden thorn. Glorious history and tradition, so far, which opened in November 1959, has repeatedly received the three generations of the party and state leaders.

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